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Proposed Legislation in Oregon & Its Impact on Referring Professionals

05/10/2021 2:48 PM | Katelyn Klapper

AICEP's Certification Confirms a Committment to Professional Standards

We are seeing a continuing shifting of the tides toward the importance of credentialing for educational consultants. Now is the time to earn the CEP certification or renew your certification. 

In much the same way that the ‘Varsity Blues’ college admissions scandal resulted in updated legislation in the State of California, there is also a groundswell of attention in a variety of states (including Utah, North Carolina, and Oregon) to further regulate the field of therapeutic placements. The State of Oregon is currently considering legislation which will have direct consequences on how referring professionals work with therapeutic placements in the state.

SB 749, currently working its way through the OR Legislature, 

“Requires residential care referral agent to be registered with Department of Human Services. Imposes certain requirements on residential care referral agents. Makes residential care referral agent mandatory reporter of child abuse. [Makes violation of certain provisions unfair trade practice.] Declares emergency, effective on passage.”

In its current form, this bill proposes requirements for any referring professional involved in therapeutic placements who a) lives in Oregon b) has clients who reside in Oregon and/or c) refers a client to a therapeutic program in Oregon to not only pay a $750 license and registration fee to the State of Oregon (every two years), but must also comply with a comprehensive list of requirements, disclosures, and contractual obligations. While cost considerations of this bill could possibly slow its progress, the increased focus on professionals of all specialties within educational planning is only growing. 

To our knowledge, the leadership of IECATCANATSAPNACAC, and HECA, as well as program representation from COPA, (all of which are membership organizations), are aware of this proposed legislation, and are in various stages of institutional responses, and we applaud and support their efforts on behalf of their membership.  

AICEP is not a membership organization, but AICEP does provide a pathway for referring professionals to obtain, and maintain, the highest level of professional certification available in our field. As more attention is paid to educational and therapeutic consulting, in both traditional and non-traditional settings, we encourage all referring professionals to further their own commitment to ongoing education, professional development, and upholding the highest ethical standards by becoming or renewing your status as a Certified Educational Planner. AICEP welcomes all Referring Professionals, including members of IECAHECATCA, as well as those who remain unaffiliated, to reach out and learn more about formal certification.


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