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Educational success is the means by which dreams can become reality. So many places provide exciting environments in which young people can grow. The choices and options can be overwhelming. And, like most important decisions, the choice of a new educational environment should be the result of careful and thoughtful planning.

Helping families make good educational choices is what educational consultants and counselors do. They bring years of knowledge, experience and expertise to help make a decision that is well informed and wise—a decision that will best enable a student to grow to full potential.

Educational planners work directly with students and families to provide choices of college, schools, and other special needs alternatives.

What are Certified Educational Planners (CEP)?

Certified Educational Planners (CEP) are professionals who have passed board-certifying assessments administered by the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP). CEPs have demonstrated the education, experience and high standards required by the Institute as exemplified by:

  • possessing a master’s degree or higher in a relevant field.
  • passing a comprehensive assessment.
  • visiting a minimum of 75 educational institutions within the initial five years.
  • demonstrating expertise through membership in relevant associations, leadership and experience in the counseling profession, speaking engagements and books and articles published.
  • pledging to adhere to the AICEP Principles of Good Practice.

CEPs must be recertified every five years to help ensure they are maintaining their professional expertise through ongoing professional development activities and visits to campuses and programs.

Why choose a CEP?

Certified Educational Planners represent the highest level of professional standards. They demonstrate extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of educational planning. CEPs provide you with the broadest and most informed educational choices for your child. 

How do we report unethical conduct?

Individuals who have clear evidence of a violation of AICEP's Principles of Good Practice or unprofessional conduct by a Certified Educational Planner may submit a formal complaint. Complaints should be emailed to the AICEP Executive Assistant (at and include both the identification of the parties involved as well as a comprehensive account of the alleged misconduct.


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